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It’s easy to use and join the collaboration Studio. You can choose to give us and the collaboration members permission to share/access all kind of content you publish on your website/platform/portfolio (Unlimited Collaboration). Or decide to limit the access you want members to share and/or access.

Limited collaboration
Members can only share/publish/access my
- graphics/illustrations, videos, text content

Strictly forbidden to share any:
- sensitive content (information from user/users from my website/platform/ portfolio)
- content without my consent
- impropriate information that can harm or damage my or members trademark

Unlimited Collaboration
You are hereby free to share anything found from my website/platform/ portfolio.

Collaborations & members

Artisan Dictionary

Understanding the technical words!

The Artisan Dictionary – An online resource for learning and discovering the technical words in different professions.

We help you to understand technical words and terms used in games, art, design, photography entertainment and much more.

With no further ado welcome to The Artisan Dictionary.

Collaboration type Unlimited

Gallery 4 Design

Gallery 4 Design (G4D) is a collaborative resource for artists and enthusiast. Our goal is to provide materials, ideas and inspiration for visitors to apply different techniques to customize own projects.
We strive to develop distinctive and innovative materials to improve your quality of production.

Collaboration type Limited

100k Free Stock

A free stock creative website for digital artists.
100K Free Stock offers a range of free stock images, videos materials and much more to supports artists at every level.

This website offers digital pictures, videos project materials of all sorts. We have a big range of material in different formats that we hope can be used for different types of projects. Our material can be used for graphic design, visual effects, game productions or any other creative situation. You can download as many free stocks as you want. If you need more or bigger images, you can simply subscribe.

Collaboration type Limited

3D Top Free

3D Top Free offers 3D models in various formats for commercial and free use. All work copyright of respective owner, otherwise © 3D Top Free.

Collaboration type Limited


Read these terms carefully before using the services. By accessing the site, viewing any content or using any services available you are agreeing to be bound by these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms, please do not access the site or any content published, do not send any application for membership.


For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which each party acknowledges, the parties hereby agree as follows:

Membership - You do not have to be a member of the Site to enjoy the features of the Site. Visitors who are not members may view some of the content on the Site as long as they comply with our standards of conduct.

Eligibility - You must be at least 18, real person, have the rights to administrate a website/business to use and access Galleries Collaboration Studio.

Privacy - When you submit your info and becomes a member of Galleries Collaboration Studio, we save it and we use it to make a good service for you, and you are giving us permission to do this.

Rules - You agree to any rules about acceptable behavior on Galleries Collaboration Studio. Be nice and respectful to people.

Ownership - Whatever original content you post on your website/platform belongs to you. We do not claim any ownership over your stuff. Galleries Collaboration Studio and their members only reserves the right to use your content as agreed within these terms.

License regarding your content & Terminations – You are allowing us to use your contents and name for things connected with Galleries Collaboration Studio collaboration agreements. E.g. if we want to your content on our social media to promote you, we are allowing us to do this. We or any member is not allowed to sell your artwork/content without your consent.

You can link to Galleries Collaboration Studio, but please do not post false or misleading information.

We can remove or cancel your membership if you misuse or service or do not play by rules you agreed to. You can also terminate your membership at any time by sending Email to

We reserve the rights to terminate your account if you try to hack us or spam our website or any of our members.

Modifications – We are allowed to change the appearance of Galleries Collaboration Studio as/if needed. We also can change this agreement if needed





Galleries Collaboration Studio or Gallery Co Studio is a Swedish collaborative web platform consisting of several artisan websites and platforms.

The collaboration main purpose is to exchange ideas or artworks but also inspire a much larger audience on different artisanal websites around the world. To join the collaboration studio platform means that you can focus on your work. In return we can enhance and share great content for much more visitors, users and artists.

Stay tuned and enjoy the collaboration studio.

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